UA-651BLE 血壓計(藍牙功能)
UA-651BLE 血壓計(藍牙功能) UA-651BLE 血壓計(藍牙功能)

UA-651BLE 血壓計(藍牙功能)

品牌: AND
型號/商品編號: UA-651BLE
尺寸: L: 96mm  x  W: 68mm  x  H: 130mm
庫存狀況: 尚有庫存

價格: HK$880.00

BLE Series
A&D Medical's WellnessConnected™  series offers a solution for accuracy with
 quality assured products and easy-to-use app, A&D Connect.
BLE Series
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor   continua continua
The UA-651BLE was designed based on the UA-651, which
was designed to inherit A&D's original concept of blood
pressure monitors for easy and accurate monitoring.
It is clinically proven in accuracy and is equipped with
Bluetooth Smart technology.
Bluetooth Ver.4.0LE 
Bluetooth communication (Windows, iOS, Android)
Internal memory of 30 data records
Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator - LCD only 
Extra large 3-line display for easier reading of results
One-touch measurement
Latex-free and metal-free, slimFit Cuff
Compact design for portability
Precision Health Scale   continua continua
The UC-352BLE is modern, compact design health scale with
durable top glass plate. It's step-on-start feature making it simple
to use with no buttons to press. It has 200kg(450lb) capacity,
0-100kg in 100g resolution and 100-200kg in 200g resolution.
Extended functionality of wireless communication is provided by
Bluetooth Smart technology.
Bluetooth Ver.4.0LE 
Bluetooth communication (Windows, iOS, Android)
Durable glass plate scale
kg/lb selection 
Internal memory of 90 data records
0 to 100kg : 100g resolution / 100 to 200kg : 200g resolution
0 to 220.0lb : 0.2lb resolution / 220.0 to 450.0lb : 0.5lb resolution
Simply step on start weighing
Beeps on completion of weighing
Low profile stylish design
     A&D ConnectEasy-to-use app, a solution for better accuracy

Monitor your blood pressureand track your weight and 
BMI trends – all with one app from a trusted world-wide 
leader in connected health. 
A&D Connect guides you through the easy device set-up
process and provides at-a-glance results, goals, and
trends for you and sharing data with your family and doctors.

PDF Leaflet (PDF 560KB)
Available on iOS 6−8
iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd & 4th generation and newer, iPad Air, iPad mini.
Requires Android OS version 4.4 or 5.1
For compatible smartphones and versions, please check

Just press the one button on 
device then paring process
automatically starts.





A&D Connect app automatically 
records the measurement data.
You don’t need handwrite the 
records to your logbook.





The A&D Connect app presents 
all recorded data in clear graphs
allowing easy-to-view trends to
help your progress towards 
good health.

You can set your goals and
appreciate the feeling of
It helps you keep moving
forward towards your health
and wellness objectives.




A&D Connect app can be 
programmed to remind you
to take and record valuable
measurement readings at 
optimum times.




Data sharing through E-mail 
with doctors, by SMS to your family. 
Quick and easy way to inform
of your health condition or recent




Data can be transferred to 
HealthKit and HealthVault.
產品型號 UA-651BLE
測量方法 示波測定
測量範圍 【 壓力:0 - 299 mmHg 】 【收縮壓:60 - 279 mmHg 】 【舒張壓:40 - 200 mmHg 】 【 脈搏:40 - 180次/分鐘 】
測量準確度 【 壓力:±3 mmHg 】 【 脈搏:±5% 】
產品分類 Type BF
電源供應 4顆1.5V電池(R6P,LR6或AA)或 AC充電器(TB-233)(不包括)
臨床試驗 根據 ANSI / AAMI SP-101992
EMC IEC 60601-1-2: 2007
記憶數量 30內置
運作環境 +10°C to +40°C / 15%RH to 85%RH
存放環境 -20°C to +60°C / 10%RH to 95%RH


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