UB-533PGMR 血壓計(手腕式)
UB-533PGMR 血壓計(手腕式) UB-533PGMR 血壓計(手腕式) UB-533PGMR 血壓計(手腕式)

UB-533PGMR 血壓計(手腕式)

品牌: AND
型號: UB-533PGMR
尺寸: L: 56mm  x  W: 21.5mm  x  H: 88mm
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價格: HK$699.00 HK$583.00
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UB-533PGMR   All-in-one Wrist Monitor
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
The UB-533PGMR is designed to focus on greater ease of use with professional quality.
This monitor promises portable measurement wherever you need to measure blood pressure.
It is equipped with functions like CPG, and cuff fit and movement error indicators to support users in accurate measurement.
Also, %IHB and WHO blood pressure classification indicators provide users with detailed monitoring. Two independent memories (60×2) can record data for two people, or results for morning/evening measurements, or measurements before/after taking medications.
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Made in Japan
Measurement during Inflation
Correct position guidance for accurate measurement
Cuff fit error indicator & Movement error indicator
%IHB indicator to show frequency of Irregular Heartbeat
WHO classification indicator
2 user memory (60 x 2) + average reading
Clock & calendar
產品型號 UB-533PGMR
測量方法 示波測定
測量範圍 【 壓力:0 - 299mmHg 】 【 脈搏:40 - 180次/分鐘 】
測量準確度 【 壓力:±3 mmHg 或2% 以最大者為準 】 【 脈搏:±5% 】
產品分類 Type BF
電源供應 2顆1.5V鹼性電池(LR03 or AAA)
臨床試驗 根據 ANSI / AAMI SP-10 1992
EMC IEC 60601-1-2: 2007
記憶數量 60
運作環境 +10°C to +40°C / 15%RH to 85%RH / 800hPa - 1060 hPa
存放環境 -20°C to +60°C / 10%RH to 95 %RH / 700hPa - 1060 hPa
手腕圓周 13.5 – 21.5 cm


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